Toronto based art glass studio creates dramatic stained and leaded glass domes and flat ornamental skylights. Combining decorative expertise and technical creativity, Studio's team creates unique and elegant architectural glass projects of sophisticated design and craftsmanship

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Posted By Victoria Balva

We had a chance to visit the house one year later after we installed large leaded glass domed skylight. It looks fantastic and impressive. The client has a large comfortable sofa just under the glass ceiling. You can literelaly spend the day stairing at glass. 


Posted By Victoria Balva

Posted By Victoria Balva

We are delighted to announce that master beveler Yurii Serhieiev has joined our team here in our Toronto based art glass studio. Yurii is well known in glass community for his brilliant talent in cold worked glass and hand glass polishing and unique approach to glass beveling process.



Posted By Victoria Balva

We are finishing architectural glass panels in contemporary abstract style for our client in Connecticut. The video we posted on Facebook took off and got 10 000 views during first 24 hours. Additionaly the same video on Instagram was viewd more than 1 000 during the same period (little sweet cherry on an ice cream).

Wow... Unexpected result from sharing our everyday work routine


Posted By Victoria Balva

The images of New Heaven leaded glass domed skylight project will be added to my artist's folder in the Corning Museum of Glass' public archives at the Rakow Library - the largest single collection of images of contemporary glass. Sweet! Little thing but very pleasant Leaded glass dome skylight
Large leaded glass dome skylight
Leaded glass dome with ornamental scroll
Leaded glass skylight with ornamental scroll





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