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Collecting art glass

A Glencoe couple share their passion for glass art­—and their world-class collection. Glass Act - an article about glass collectors in Modern Luxury by  Brian Dukerschein,  Photo: Katrina Wittkamp 

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The Bridle Path stained and leaded glass dome is one of our most artistically impressive and technically challenging stained and leaded glass ceilings in our portfolio. It was designed for a foyer of a private residence in Toronto and installed in 2012.

elegant and beautiful stained and leaded glass dome with crystal jewels and beveled glass in traditional classic style

I just found this spectacular residence was recently sold and it was one of the most expansive houses on the market in that area - 14 800 000 dollars. Here is a link to the house presentation by a sales team.

Hall with leaded glass dome skylight and white marble floors

Stained and leaded glass dome skylight and white marble floors

I had previous experience working with this client and we designed and fabricated small triple leaded glass flat skylight in 2006. In 2009 the client called me and informed that a new house is under construction (waiting for building permit) and there will be our large stained and leaded glass dome. We were motivated by high expectations and wanted to surpass. In 2010 we started design development.

The building and design team set up a goal  to create stained and leaded glass dome inspired the Palm Court ceiling at the Plaza Hotel in New York. The Plaza Hotel was opened on October 1,1907. The leaded glass dome over the Palm Court was designed and built based on production technologies existing at that time, which were not advanced comparatively to current time and technical limits led to glass design limitation as well. Transparent glasses were used for the dome production which allowed a lot of light in. Over a long period of time high raised buildings were built around The Plaza and skylight was shadowed. Moreover, time, gravity and heat damaged the stained and leaded glass skylight. It demanded a lot of restoration and maintenance work to be done by that time and it was completely removed in 1943 to allow for central air conditioning and more space for private functioning above it. New owners of the Plaza decided to restore the leaded glass ceiling in its original appearance with new metal frame work and glass panels. In 2007-2008 the leaded glass dome  was fabricated and  installed by Botti Studio .

Historical leaded glass skylight ceiling at Plaza Hotel in New York

Historical leaded glass skylight ceiling at Plaza Hotel in New York



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I started my design development work from analyzing the original design of The Palm Court leaded glass ceiling. I defined strong and weak points of historical Palm Court leaded glass skylight. I did not like glass selection of replicated skylight - opal glasses work better in reflected light and they did not look as impressive in current setting as original transparent glasses in 1907. The curved borders are very wide and monotonous for this size of the ceiling. Curved panels such as raised borders and elliptical dome of the ceiling were simplified to plain geometrical ornament while only flat panels were made with intricate classic style design elements. Oval center part looks comparatively small and could be increased in size

The overall  complex structure of the skylight looked very appealing to me. After some thinking I decided to increase the domed part in size to open it to the viewer and complicate the circular panels with rosette design. Also the structure of the raised borders became more intricate with frieze ornament. With latest technologies such as 3D modeling, water jet cutting, CNC cold polishing machines we can design and fabricate new generation of decorative glass. I designed this dome with Auto CAD in scale 1 to 1. Then all metal and glass parts were programmed to cut using water jet machine. The skylight is made of 4 292 peaces of glass (3 464 textured clear glass peaces, 644 bevels and 184 cold polished crystal jewels) and approximately 12 900 pieces of lead parts.

We were lucky to work with a great construction team that planned and built the opening of the highest quality. The Clent's confidence in our ability to create this dome helped us to achieve the goal and satisfaction from the successfully completed project is the highest award.

Elegant and beautiful leaded glass domed skylight ceiling inspired by the Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel

Posted By Victoria Balva

Art glass is a great investment and is on the rise. Check The Wall Street Journal article  by Peter S Green on this subject

There was a time when glass was a craft. But in recent years it has become something more: an established art form, and an attractive—and affordable—investment.

collecting art glass white opal
art glass collectors
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