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Posted By Victoria Balva

Here is another sample of plagiarism based on our leaded glass skylights geometrical series. I got accustomed that my stained and leaded glass windows are replicated in many countries but this case is very special. Sad to say - I found few more projects replicated by..... Chinese? ... NO! Canadian artist! even more... Mississauga based artist... literally... our neighbor, a colleague. I published first the image of original leaded glass skylight and then following images by other leaed glass artist .

Stained and leaded glass skylight with extra large custom crystal jewels

Compare to literally fake panels. Lead is simply glued to the single pane of glass


I like when creative people get inspired by my work. I publish educational articles about how to design stained and leaded glass projects on regular bases. But I really do get upset when the design is copied without proper analysis and understanding how glass works with poor artistic quality 

Moreover, I found a cropped image from our portfolio on the website of this lady - something that I would never expect from a Canadian artist and in my opinion it is a crime - that image is our property and can not be used by anyone without our permission

leaded glass triple skylight with clear bevelled glass in traditional style


Posted By Victoria Balva

I spent more than 15 years studying art and I know how difficult it is to develop an idea for a new project from scratch and then find technical solutions to embody this idea in materials. When I first bumped into my project replicated by some artist I got upset that "the design was stolen", besides it looked ugly. Then I realized that many craft people working with stained and leaded glass just don’t understand how to design glass right. I am happy that other people get inspired by my art but I want them to find their own language to express that. In my educational articles about leaded glass design process I always highlight that the artist should plan/design effects that art glass will produce in the space. Copying a pattern blindly without planning effects produced by glass is a road to nowhere. For a long time I collected many images that are replications of my original designs.

Here is a link to my original project Marion - stained and leaded glass flat skylight and a coule images showcasing the project

Stained and leaded glass flat skylight with colored bevelled glass in traditional style
Stained and leaded glass flat skylight

Compare  to the image posted by a lady working in stained glass. What can I say? Pity. Pity that a client lost opportunity to have unique original site specific stained and leaded glass panels for this double door.

Not Artistic Line Studio's project


I designed this stained and leaded glass skylight ceiling for a client in Mississauga , Ontario. Glass panels for leaded glass skylight ceiling come in small sizes and frame structure is an important part of the design. The lady copied everything including steel frame that does not exist in this door system . The design is not adjusted at all to the door shape at all




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