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The lost art of hand bevelled glass taken to the new level . Part 1

Beautiful custom bevelled colored glass for a large stained glass domed ceiling
Colored hand bevelled glass for large stained glass dome
Bright and shiny ... colored beveled glass acanthus border and crystal pale jewels are great accent highlights for a large domed skylight.  One of the most amazing elements used in this leaded glass skylight is  custom made hand beveled colored glass. Each piece of beveled glass has a color stretching of delicate elusive colors of neon (lilac), pink, straw and pale blue to expose a sole of glass: transparency, brightness, color, texture.

precut pieces of glass for custom beveling
precut pieces of glass for custom hand beveling
Custom hand bevelled glass preparation

The team behind  worked really hard. First, glass was formed in our large computer controlled kiln in a few stages, all elements were programmed for CNC machine and water jet cut in our studio in Mississauga.

Glass water jet programming for custom bevelingGlass water jet cut for custom beveling
After cutting, it was sent to Europe, detained by Ukrainian customs due to uncertain artistic value of content. That caused a few months delay in our production schedule. After explaining customs officers about glass beveling process it was released reaching the beveling studio in Ukraine. Absolutely stunning, fantastic, complex, technically difficult and crazy beveling work done by talented Yuriy Sergeev

Custom bevelled glass for the leaded glass dome
Custom hand bevelled glass for the large leaded glass dome
Custom hand bevelled glass for the large leaded glass dome
Custom hand bevelled glass for the large leaded glass dome

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