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I finally had an opportunity to select a few images to present a stained glass dome skylight for our client in Connecticut, the USA. It got a romantic name New Haven, selected by our client.  The large leaded glass domed ceiling was installed this spring and it took 2 years from design development to installation to complete this ambitious skylight that is the largest and the most complex project in our portfolio up today.

Large leaded glass domed skylight with crystal jewels and bevelled glass

It has many features that were never attempted in glass design and fabrication before.  There is a massive set of thick custom beveled glass that puts a visual dynamic accent to the leaded glass skylight. Delicate elusive colors of glass selected for the project add mystery and inner glow into glass design. The glass for beveling was formed in our large computer controlled kiln, water jet cut and processed by experienced master beveled in Europe.

stained and leaded glass dome detail with custom beveled colored glass and crystal accent jewels for a large decorative glass ceiling

The leaded glass skylight is made of more than 7 000 pieces of glass and 20 000 pieces of lead came parts. All designed, cut, assembled and soldered into one large glass canvas of a complex ceiling structure. The skylight includes 360 pieces of CNC polished crystal jewels, 1 000 pieces of custom beveled glass, and additional 1 300 of stock beveled glass pieces. It has a very complex steel structure and was delivered to the site by large 53-foot truck

Leaded glass dome with acanthus bevelled glass ornament and crystal accent jewels

To see more images of this leaded glass domed skylight please follow the link

Colored custom made bevelled glass acanthus with crystal jewels for a large leaded glass dome



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