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Posted By Victoria Balva


After 3 months of waiting we just got our custom made crystal jewels for our client in Minneapolis. I love glass and cold worked glass is a magic one!

crystal jewels for stained and leaded glass dome

lilac crystal jewels for stained and leaded glass dome

lilac pale amber crystal jewels for stained and leaded glass dome

Crystal jewels for the domed leaded glass skylight

Here is a design proposal for stained and leaded glass domed ceiling
Leaded glass dome with crystal jewels design proposal

Posted By Victoria Balva

Eugene and I just returned from New York after design discussion meeting with the clients about large leaded glass dome installation.

large dome design discussion meeting with the client in New York

We also were lucky to attend Architectural Design Show. I'll upload images from the trip to my Facebook page soon. It was a lot of glass there. Everywhere. Nice glass. The demand for glass is on the rise!

Interior Design Show in New York

It was a snow ! In New York! In the middle of March!

Snow in New York

Snow in New York

So... our flight was canceled and we spent beautiful day visiting museums and different sights!

New York

New York

New York Museum of Modern Art

New York Museum of Modern Art

New York Museum of Modern Art


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Black opal glass looks gorgeous! We cut 170 ovals for the client in Flesherton using our water jet machine!

 water jet cut oval glass black opal

We are getting ready for new leaded glass skylights and domes! Acid etched glass just arrived from Europe, Spectrum clear textured and bevelled glass from the USA, and lead came from Vancuver! We are excited and looking forward!

new arrivals for new leaded glass domes and skylights

Posted By Victoria Balva

National Post featured our worked in an article by Shari Kulha about recently sold estate with our leaded glass foyer dome and ensuite bathroom leaded glass skylight 

Stained and leaded glass dome featured by National Post

The article about this beautiful  estate starts from the image of our leaded glass dome with quite аpproving comments: "crowning glory: a stunning domed leaded-glass skylight that would be a highlight in a luxury Belle Epoque estate."

Stained and leaded glass dome breathtaking

Stained and leaded glass dome with colored crystal jewels

Sotheby's International Realty Canada

Our smaller leaded glass skylight for ensuite bathroom was also mentioned: "The master bedroom ensuite is more luxurious than many bathrooms found in six-star hotels. The elegant ensuite also features a large, leaded-glass skylight."

leaded glass dome with bevelled glass and jewels for a private residence  - ensuite bathroom

Sotheby's International Realty Canada

leaded glass dome for a bathroom of a private residence
The fact of finding our skylights in Natioanl Post is very pleasant for us: our skylights are worth mentioning despite all endless features of this beautiful house!

Read the story of this leaded glass skylight creation




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