Toronto based art glass studio creates dramatic stained and leaded glass domes and flat ornamental skylights. Combining decorative expertise and technical creativity, Studio's team creates unique and elegant architectural glass projects of sophisticated design and craftsmanship

Stained glass domes     Contemprorary stained glass    

Posted By Victoria Balva

The images of New Heaven stained and leaded glass domed skylight project will be added to my artist's folder in the Corning Museum of Glass' public archives at the Rakow Library - the largest single collection of images of contemporary glass. Sweet! Little thing but very pleasant Leaded glass dome skylight
Large leaded glass dome skylight
Leaded glass dome with ornamental scroll
Leaded glass skylight with ornamental scroll


Posted By Victoria Balva

I am happy to announce that our stained glass dome and our company was featured in the article Skylight Designs Lighten Up by Nancy Matsumoto - The Wall Street Journal reporter. It is a big event for our small company. When Eugene and I started a business we did not have a possibility to buy a professional glass cutter - that was an expensive tool for us. Few years later we got the best machine possible to cut the glass  - a water jet programmable machine with a price tag over 150 000 dollars. When we moved to Canada I just wanted to be an artist  - an average one ... I had no idea that some day we will find our projects published in the largest and reputable publications such as National Post in Canada or The Wall Street Journal in the USA. 

Follow the link to read the article with our featured leaded glass dome skylight on line.

leaded glass dome skylight featured by the Wall Street Journal


Posted By Victoria Balva

National Post featured our worked in an article by Shari Kulha about recently sold estate with our leaded glass foyer dome and ensuite bathroom leaded glass skylight 

Stained and leaded glass dome featured by National Post

The article about this beautiful  estate starts from the image of our leaded glass dome with quite Š°pproving comments: "crowning glory: a stunning domed leaded-glass skylight that would be a highlight in a luxury Belle Epoque estate."

Stained and leaded glass dome breathtaking

Stained and leaded glass dome with colored crystal jewels

Sotheby's International Realty Canada

Our smaller leaded glass skylight for ensuite bathroom was also mentioned: "The master bedroom ensuite is more luxurious than many bathrooms found in six-star hotels. The elegant ensuite also features a large, leaded-glass skylight."

leaded glass dome with bevelled glass and jewels for a private residence  - ensuite bathroom

Sotheby's International Realty Canada

leaded glass dome for a bathroom of a private residence
The fact of finding our skylights in Natioanl Post is very pleasant for us: our skylights are worth mentioning despite all endless features of this beautiful house!

Read the story of this leaded glass skylight creation

Posted By Victoria Balva

Here is an article with some stained and leaded glass projects featured by (Mississauga edition) of Our Homes Magazine

Leaded glass artists Victoria Balva and Eugene Bakumenko





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