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Posted By Victoria Balva

Well... staff happens, it's life. I wanted to form in my large kiln clear glass wall divider panel with pale yellow rock accents fused into clear base with gold leaf interlayer. Glass layout looks good before firing. It will take 3 days to form the glass

glass layout before firing in a kiln

It looks great after firing! Notice how nicely pale yellow rocks transmitted clear ice-cold base - great effect! I love it!

kiln formed glass large architectural  panels

Well.. It was late, the guys were extremely tired and they did brake the  panel while removing it from the table. The good thing is nobody's hurt. The lesson learned: have a rest when tired - this may save few days of work. 

kiln formed glass large architectural  panel failure

Posted By Victoria Balva

Eugene is pushing a table with glass into our Dragon Kiln. New project - new expectations. The texture will be imprinted into glass after firing.

Kiln formed glass project start

Glass after firing looks good.

Large kiln formed float glass with gilded accents
Large architectural cast glass with gilded accents

The glass is installed but not finished yet. 

Large architectural cast kiln formed glass with gilded accents

Gold leaf accents are coming! Julia is a fairy of gilding and she started gold leaf accents gilding!

Gilding gold accents to cast clear glass
Final touch ups - gilding cast clear glass
Here are some closed up details. The gold is still wet. When it is dry - it looks like a mirrow - smooth

Gilded glass accents on a kiln cast glass
Gilded glass accents on a kiln formed glass

Now it stands out even from the darkest shadows!

Gilded glass detail on the kiln formed cast architectural glass




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