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Some images behind the design and production process of  large stained and leaded glass oval dome

The clients asked us to create an oval simple dome. Well... the dome 9 W by 13 L by 4 H feet cannot be simple starting from definition. That is one of the most technically intricate projects.

stained and leaded glass oval dome with classical elements and accent jewels

We designed the frame in 2 parts, so we could bring it into the house. The frame was reassembled with TIG welding directly in the opening. The oval elements of the frame were cut with our water jet machine to match the opening oval shape. I designed a whole dome in 3D with Auto CAD. This helped us to cut all frame rays perfectly. Every single piece of glass was drawn in 3D and cut with our waterjet machine precisely to match constantly changing oval dome shape. We also used water jet to cut parts of the mold to create perfect shape of the dome surface.

metal frame for large stained and leaded glass oval dome

After frame was complete and glass cut we did all assembling and soldering directly in the metal frame. Thousands of glass peaces and lead parts were assembled into one single structure - large leaded glass oval dome. Despite our clients' wish to have simple dome I offered them some intricate details of classic style acanthus in the center with pale colored jewels and crystal beveled glass. With Eugene's experience installation went smoothly and the dome was installed

water jet cutting of glass elements for stained and leaded glass dome
Operating a water jet machine is fun

fabrication of oval stained and leaded glass dome
Assembling the dome demands incredible patience

glass and lead parts for oval stained and leaded glass dome
Leaded glass still life. Glass is beautiful in any condition

glass assembling of large oval stained and leaded glass dome
Curved leaded glass panels assembling and soldering

leaded glass soldering for oval stained and leaded glass dome
oval stained and leaded glass dome installation in progress
Large dome installation in progress

large oval stained and leaded glass dome detail installation
Since angle of every glass pane changes - the appearance of every glass peace differs as well. That enriches the appearance of a whole glass dome

oval stained and leaded glass dome with jewels and beveled glass installation in progress
Eugene is balancing on the edge of a leader to finish the peace

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m&k tiffany said...
beautiful project congratulate
November 5, 2014 12:53:11
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